Balenciaga still grosses me out. I can not get over their extremely weird campaign with little kids holding bondage teddy bears with black eyes etc, from last year. It now seems like everything they do is an act of attention seeking desperation. If they want to get over being cancelled why not just do fashion really well and stop making everything a sad gimmick.

Balenciaga has copied Kanye with a new Sock Sneaker. Last week, MSN bashed Kanye for releasing a ridiculously expensive Sock shoe. Now Balenciaga has released one too. Both are silly, but at least Kanye had the idea first. They look like little leprechaun shoes, lol.

Balenciaga’s  unoriginal sock shoeKanye’s sock shoe.

They also have a trash bag dress and coat. No, it’s not provocative.

Balenciaga’s “clever” Trash Bag Coat


They put Cardi B in their recent fashion show, which took place in the middle of a Los Angeles street.


And by the way that Balenciaga fashion show was like a mish mash of people walking around a post apocalyptic town in enormous clown shoes, leaving the gym or going to the coffee shop, like made no sense.

After this fashion show fans on twitter called out the brand’s controversial holiday ad campaign from last year. Rightfully so.

“I thought Balenciaga was supposed to be canceled,” one user asked underneath a video of Cardi B walking the runway.

The tension surrounding Balenciaga unfolded in November 2022 after it released a “Gift Collection” holiday campaign on social media. The advertisement featured young children holding teddy bears outfitted with bondage gear.

The campaign immediately garnered backlash from people who accused Balenciaga of sexualizing minors. Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, apologized for the campaign and the advertisement was pulled from social media, but many still boycotted the brand.

On TikTok, the hashtag #cancelbalenciaga had 70 million views at the time and featured several videos of Balenciaga customers shredding their bags in protest.

Celebrities, including Kardashian, also called out Balenciaga over the advertisement.

“As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images,” Kardashian wrote on X in November 2022. “The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period.”

But the boycott seemingly ended for some celebrities for this recent fashion show in LA, causing internet users to label the stars in attendance as hypocrites.