The line between real life and digital universe is getting thinner and thinner. The fashion industry is always more involved into the metaverse and it is getting its own space step by step. In fact, from March 23-27, in Decentraland, will take place the first Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW22).

The event is totally free and opened to everyone, no tickets or private invitations needed. “Fashion must be democratic and opened to everyone and not only opened to the industry itself” stated Philipp Plein. People can join this presentation creating their own avatar. If we think to the real world, nobody wants to wear the same clothes for a full week, nobody wants to attended a party using the same outfit showed previously. As in our daily, even if in a digital universe, people want to be unique wearing exclusive luxury clothes and accessories in every occasion.

The PHILIPP PLEIN’s vision has been transported in the Metaverse and it’s ready to bring this philosophy into the digital world. The brand is reaching out new heights and it’s going to drop the first fashion show in Decentraland revealing its first digital capsule collection of outfits represented by wearable NFTs.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are tokens that people can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let people tokenise things like art or outfits. They can only have one official owner at a time and they’re secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Wearable NFTs are unique virtual shirts, jackets, sunglasses, jeans, hats, sneakers, and accessories and the owners of those virtual clothes can dress their digital avatar.

This digital collection is composed by seven total-look and each piece coming with its own unique identity. The attendees of the event will have the possibility to buy the looks of the limited-edition collection – ten pieces per each outfit. The price range is between 1,500 € and 15,000€.

The presentation of the first wearable NFTs collection takes place in a special catwalk set in the centre of PLEIN PLAZA. The location has been designed and created by “The Crypto King$”, the creative duo founded by Philipp Plein who involved Antoni Tudisco as world-renowned 3D artist. Philipp Plein will host an after-party event at 8,30 PM CET with live DJ-set in Plein Plaza.

The PHILIPP PLEIN GROUP has already demonstrated its proactivity and success with multiple initiatives across the metaverse. The brand made a $1.4M USD acquisition of a prime metaverse district covering 65 Decentraland parcels in order to develop Plein Plaza, a 120-meter-high virtual skyscraper. The first establishment in the building is the PHILIPP PLEIN founded Museum of NFT Arts (M.O.N.A.), designed as an open forum for the development of digital art, aimed at encouraging and showcasing both established and emerging NFT artists. This is just the project of many to come that will bring Philipp Plein in the centre of the Metaverse.

PHILIPP PLEIN raised the bar launching also an NFTs drop called “Lil Monster$ Gang” producing the first art collection that was interpreted with the irony of life and the fact that life is about fun. The project drove in a week over 4,000 sales and more than 300 3D Monsters claimed.