Each year Miami Swimwear Fashion Week is comprised of swim and resort wear brands coming to Miami from around the world. During this special week swimwear brands participate in fashion shows or set up at one of the several wholesale trade shows that are activated. As with most fashion weeks, Miami Swimwear Fashion Week has been a casualty of the global “pandemic”. Normally it takes place in July but this year it was cancelled.

Our Planet Fashion team is based in Miami and has produced fashion shows for Miami Swimwear Fashion Week for 9 years. The team at Planet Fashion thought it was an excellent time to explore the virtual fashion show concept and also help support some of the swimwear brands that we typically work with. The brands had expressed the difficulties in keeping their businesses afloat during this uncertain time. Swimwear brands have largely switched from wholesale to direct to consumer but they still need a promotional push to reach those consumers. Planet Fashion created virtual shows this past weekend to help swimwear brands reach consumers and keep their businesses alive.

Even doing a virtual concept was exceedingly difficult in these times. The Planet Fashion team had to go through extraordinary health precautions for the team and the models. Also, in the past the Planet Fashion swim shows would have upwards to 1,000 attendees. The virtual shows had no attendees.

The Planet Fashion team discovered one great thing about doing a virtual fashion show and that is the opportunity to think outside the box. It allowed the team to flex their creativity in filming and use locations as an accessory. The Planet Fashion team went and shot primarily in a forest!

The Planet Fashion team felt it was necessary to do virtual shows as a message to the fashion industry to stay positive, keep being creative and to let the world know that fashion will absolutely continue and has a vibrant future ahead.