Love to steal his style ladies? Big fan of classy sportswear? Then this article refers to you! It is widely known that women have adopted elements from male fashion and have adjusted them to their style. They draw inspiration from the army, the navy, male uniforms and everyday clothes. Just take a moment and think about Gabrielle Chanel’s innovations. Need I say more? This leads us to the present, where it is totally appropriate for women to go out dress up exactly the way men do. Another male activity, which has influenced women’s and men’s everyday wardrobe, is Polo (the one with the horses). From riding boots, to bags, to clothing. Not only these pieces have become must-haves, essentials to many people’s style, but are also often linked with chic and polished looks.
And as if that wasn’t enough, a great designer, Ralph Lauren, has created an entire collection/brand inspired by polo. Women once used to wear pretty dressed, large hats and expensive jewelry to go watch a Polo game. Now, both sexes like to copy the style of the athletes.

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Fashion has changed so much the past century proving right everyone who says that fashion changes, but style remains. No more standards and rules in fashion. You can easily style Polo inspired clothing, making it fit your everyday looks and still look chic and polished if you want to. Go for it whether you are a woman or a man!