Katherine Cifuentes

This summer people from all places are feeling the itch to get out and dress to the nines. The desire for drama in one’s wardrobe can be felt more than ever before. In the streets and on the catwalk, you can spot the reemergence of the late 90s and early 2000s with crochet, square-toed heels, and 70s inspired clothing.

Crochet has returned and charmed us all. Funky 70’s patterns are all the rage, but you can spot more neutral and beachy items on your favorite influencers as well.

Kitschy and camp accessories are bringing everyone back to grade school, elevating the friendship bracelet to the realm of fashion. Designers like Lisa Says Gah and Bottega Venetta are memorializing our childhoods through these crazy-cute pieces.

Square toed shoes are everywhere now, and are giving serious Bratz vibes. Gone are the days of square-toed heels being reserved for pilgrim costumes, now becoming part of the y2k revival.

Metallics have experienced a resurgence, seemingly due to a rising craving in the public to return to nightlife. Studio 54 is calling with these slinky dresses that’ll make you shine.

Matching sets are now appearing all over the place, from airport terminals to outside the club. Looking effortlessly cool and put-together, it’s the perfect outfit. A lot of sets are inspired by y2k, reminding us all of the days of Juicy Couture tracksuits.