By Cordejha Lewis

Prada will be further expanding in its Web3 venture with its new Timecapsule NFT. The Italian
luxury fashion house has stated that this new collection will be marketed as gender-neutral.
There will be approximately 100 NFTs released alongside its Cassius Hirst Timecapsule apparel
launch. The NFTs will be released on the Ethereum network. Prada’s drop is set to happen this
Thursday (wow!) corresponding to the brands the physical apparel release. Buyers can expect to
receive a free airdropped NFT with a purchase of Prada’s latest collaboration with Cassius Hirst.
The NFTs will come in the form of a pill and the physical portion of the collection features
unisex button downs in both black and white. The 100 NFTs will give the owner exclusive
access to perks and experiences. These perks will be revealed on Prada’s new discord server
“Prada Crypted” set to launch alongside the apparel and NFT launch this Thursday. The
community server is open to any and everyone who would like to join! One Could anticipate that
future launches may be teased on the community server.

The Timecapsule NFTs will be a monthly online event for 24 hours, on the first Thursday of
every month according to the press. Prada’s virtual event will be made available on the luxury
brands website with exclusive items present in limited quantities. Each special edition
Timecapsule item will be associated with a unique serial number associated with its physical
purchase, which will be delivered in custom packaging. The company stated, “ A unique shirt
designed in collaboration with the artist Cassius Hirst, son of Damien Hirst, will be for sale in
the latest Timecapsule drop – scheduled on June 2.” Cassius’ shirts will also highlight the
designer’s staple mask and brain scan designs. The Timecapsule collection dates back to 2019
and shows no signs of stopping!