By Ashanty Rivera
Jacquemus, the iconic French designer and well-known fashion brand has just unveiled a series
of objects to use around the house, and a new pink capsule collection for children up to the age
of 10. Jacquemus collaborated with the CBD drink label Chilled to create a beverage- sparkling
water, as well as Dutch artist Boris de Beijer for pink-hued glass objects, Belgian artist Ann
Vincent for a candle, VanMoof for a pink bike, and BigStuffed, another French brand,
collaborating on a stuffed crab. This just proves how innovation and creativity can take an
already popular fashion brand to the next level of genius.

All of the items in this Pink collection range in price, with the Le Verre à liqueur
shot glass priced at $400, the L’Esquinade stuffed crab is priced at $180, the Le Vélo
electric city bike has not been released yet, but most of the pink collections for kids, women, and
men are already released and available for purchase on the Jacquemus website.