Private Policy New York released a very chic urban collection this past month. The collection really captures the essence of the city. When you see this collection you literally think of a young vibrant New Yorker.Yet the influence for this collection comes from Chinese in the Old Wild West.

The brand asks that when you look at the collection you imagine the American Wild West in the 1800’s: a grand geographical landscape with ragged miners, gold seekers, cowboys and …. Chinese workers from the Qing Dynasty.A little known history exists involving thousands of Chinese travelers to the Gold Rush era West. Many of these Chinese immigrants during the 1800’s ended up being employed to build the Transcontinental Railroad.

For their Fall-Winter 2021 collection, PRIVATE POLICY brings awareness to this important historical achievement. They have combined western workwear with 19th Century Chinese garment details. They are inspired by the railroad workers’ layering style and the mix of eastern and western clothing based on functionality. The PRIVATE POLICY FW21 collection aims to capture the essence of each worker’s unique and utilitarian aesthetic. The collection also takes on a modern approach to traditional elements by reimagining stylistic motifs such as incorporating the mandarin collar and knot buttons. These elements aim to show a reimagined swaggy railroad worker…… Interesting!