Frequency, what channel are you on……

It’s such and interesting conversation when we speak of frequency in relation to what we want and or truly desire in our lives.
Whatever that might be, most are unaware of how frequency works when it comes to manifesting desired results.

You see, we are a miracle manifestation of energy, even our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, are all composed of energy.
A beautiful gift when we know how to use it, but most are tuned into a “different channel “

What that means is our desire, and the thought of that desire, are on two different channels. Most people don’t live the life they want because they don’t know how to create it, and creating it starts with a thought that emits a frequency outward. We’re a walking antenna, receiving and transmitting energy. Maybe it’s time to rethink how we want to Vibe…

Let’s say your desire is wanting to manifest the love of your life. This person is already here, somewhere on the planet, maybe even in your neighborhood, but your thought is,
1- I’m never able to hold onto a relationship
2- Relationships never work for me
3- Now’s not the right time
4- I’ll never be in love again
5- I always attract the “bad ones”

This is like trying to listen to Jazz on a heavy metal station , not going to happen folks.

If your thoughts are energy sending out a frequency, and you’re showing up daily with your head down (emotion) spewing “this will never happen” even though you have this burning desire to find your partner, you will most likely miss the opportunity and, or even worse, attract the same kind of relationship that you say “never works“
Why ?
Because  the way you’re showing up daily, is an incongruent belief that ”it’s not possible “.
That frequency can not match you to your desire, impossible.

So the question is, how do we emit a thought and desire on the same frequency?

Well the answer is simple, but it takes some work.

First, check in on yourself and ask a truthful question, are the things I’ve mentioned above really true ? Get clear about this, it’s super important to feel that you’re worthy of this desire you hold dear to your heart.

After you’ve become clear of your truth around the stories that come up for you, the next step is to commit to showing up differently “every waking day”
This is where the challenge comes from most. These habitual patterns of “past experiences”,  “past thoughts” becomes an insidious enemy, that stays on autopilot, so you need to be aware when this happens and refocus on your desire. Feel the emotion of what it’s like when you’re with your life partner. Now note, I didn’t say “what it would be like“ but rather, “what it’s like”.
Imagine that it’s already happened, and that feeling will match the thought, then you will be tuned into the station that matches your desire.

Look, this may sound a little esoteric, actually, it is, and it works, because I’ve used it in my life, my clients use it in their lives and the results are incredible.

There’s much more to this conversation, but this is the beginning stages to checking in on what channel you’re tuning into so you can manifest your true desire.

In the process, please be easy on yourself. There will be times when it seems almost impossible to think it’s possible to get what you want, but if you just commit to showing up daily in the belief and frequency of your desire, you will see the results.

Try it out, have fun, and if you feel stuck, reach out, I’ll be on the Jazz channel, with my life partner, kicking it in my frequency. You can also reach me at [email protected]