After the 2008 world-wide financial crisis, there were significant societal changes that transformed the fashion industry. Luxury brands became less ostentatious, fast fashion became evil, and minimalism was and still is, en vogue. Now, with the whole world on a coronavirus lock-down, and the human and manufacturing supply chain frozen in time. We’ve got plenty of time to think, and we’re thinking about what’s next. 


Thought leaders around the world are talking about how society will change after the Coronavirus crisis is over. A month into a nationwide shutdown, the term “America 2.0” is a concept being popularized by Silicon Valley tech leaders as they see “what’s next” as an opportunity to substantially shift the way we learn and work.


The fashion industry will need to shift too, but as department stores start filing for bankruptcy and brands large and small lay off employees, we find ourselves alternating between our default optimism, that somehow it’s all going to work out, to a nagging suspicion that it’s not. Fashion will change, but “what’s next” will be up to us. 


As the CEO of Fashion Mingle, I have been thinking about what’s next for the fashion industry for a long time. We believe that growing a successful business begins with a strong, local fashion community. That’s why our first step was to build local fashion directories for every major city in the world. The mission is bold: to democratize the fashion industry by connecting the fashion industry from the ground up.


In the coming year, fashion professionals at every level will need each other like never before. Some jobs will trickle back eventually, but relying on your own expertise to create side gigs will be critical to your own personal survival. That’s where Fashion Mingle can help. 


Fashion Mingle is often called the “LinkedIn for the fashion industry”.  The platform allows you to join your local fashion community for free. You can create a personal profile and share your expertise. You can search for people and businesses in over 100 industry categories and connect via chat.


The true power of the platform comes from the Fashion Mingle Business Directory. Each Featured Business has an SEO optimized profile where they can list the skills and services they offer, so users can drill down to find exactly the kind of service or product they need from anywhere in the world. Featured Members can show off their portfolio, videos, and even add their blog RSS feed to easily drive more traffic to their website. 


Fashion Mingle is designed to get us to “what’s next”. That’s how we get the next job, the next gig, the next connection. We grow our local fashion directories to create strong local fashion communities. We build our network at home and around the world. 


Let’s get started on “what’s next”. Sign up for your free personal profile or join as a Featured Business and never miss an opportunity again.