Written by Zsófi Benyi

Oh, sweet summer memories! I delicately daydream of You and a cruise somewhere far away. I
know You also are eager to pack up and getaway to a land of sea, sun, and sand all-day. Before you
hop on a plane, we can bring you the sweet and sticky summer seconds faster: the Resort 2022
fashion shows take you to the crystal clear coasts of Monaco, sunsets in California, hot New York
City, and Parisian Cafés of particular charm. “The casino, Helmut Newton’s girls, the car races…we
like to play with all the cliches!” says the artistic director of Chanel, Virginie Viard. Valentino, on
the other hand, says that boyfriend’s baseball caps and secret whispers on seaside walks are not hot
all summer long. A smoothie bowl of summer colors colliding with summer cafe business talks?
The music hit of 2022.

Resort fashion shows this year paint a picture of summer ever so sweet yet so distinct. “At the eve
of the second millennium, Karl Lagerfeld resuscitated the cruise dream with the first Chanel fashion
show dedicated to his 2000/2001 Cruise Collection.” A new era begins: could NFTs bring a holiday
to our home? Resort fashion digitally: sure, it has never been done before. Yet if NFTs change the
way we think and do fashion, I say everyone needs a little vacation, a little holiday: it is time to
bring Cruise Fashion Shows to your home with NFTs so that summer never feels that far away.