Growing up with curly hair, straightening my hair was a special occasion in itself. Straightening not only gave me a new look that I constantly craved, but it was also a break from all the work that comes with having curly hair. It was my way of revolutionizing myself.  However, I’m not able to do it as often as I wish due to the fear that my hair would get too much heat damage. Furthermore, my hair is not the easiest to straighten due to the amount of time it takes to do so. Therefore, when I heard about RevAir- a new hair dryer that uses reverse air technology in order to dry hair-I was extremely excited to try it. Heat damage was not the only factor making me eager to try this new technology, but the fact that it cut my hair straightening time by 3/4thwas very intriguing.

I went ahead and tried it. As a first impression, I found that it was heavy to carry around. In the beginning of the process, I went onto their website to see how RevAir can work for my hair, providing me with helpful videos from people who have hair similar to me (in my case curly hair). So, it took some time to play around with RevAir to understand exactly how to use it. Nevertheless, when I figured it out, it was a flowing system thereafter. It was relieving to know that I could re-straighten any strand without the fear of damaging my hair, allowing me to straighten until my hair was pin-straight. The timing was also much shorter than the usual blow-drying and straightening process. By the end of the process, my hair was perfectly straight and ready for the next step. I highly recommended this product for anyone who straightens their hair often, for it is a good investment for having healthy hair and saving time (after all time is money!).

Written by: Amy Bocos