At Planet Fashion we work with all kinds of brands but we have a special love for sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion has immense popularity now but designer Ronald van der Kemp was ahead of the game when he introduced his upcycled couture concept in the mid-2010’s. For years the Dutch designer has made his glamorous collections from used materials, while preaching against overconsumption.

For this collection, Van der Kemp made a number of pieces from used denim. He also re-partnered with i-did, a Dutch company making new materials from felted textile trash.

Everything else was made with materials found. Van der Kemp doesn’t see his process as limiting; on the contrary, because of the tiny quantities he’s working with, his pieces are true one-offs, and rarer than the output of more traditional couture houses. This man is a genius, the styling and vision of this collection is absolutely magical.