On Friday April 17th, Fenty Beauty released its first new collection of 2020, a collection of cream-based face products. The collection features a varying range of both new and cult-classic bronzers and blushes, perfect for the brand’s target audience: anyone and everyone.

Fenty Blushes


Marketed to be a non-greasy and buildable wash of color, theCheeks Out collection brings 7 bronzers and 10 blushes, priced at $32 and $20 respectively. The bronzers are provided in the colors Amber, Butta Biscuit, Macchiato, Hunni Glaze, Teddy, Chocolate,andToffee Tease.  As per every Fenty Beauty release, there is virtually a shade for every and any skintone, including careful precision in matching undertones. The blushes have even more wiggle room, with an extra 3 colors within it arsenal. Shades include Fuego Flush, Petal Poppin, Cool Berry, Drama Cla$$, Bikini Martini, Crush on Cupid, Strawberry Drip, Daquiri Dip, Summertime Wine andRose Latte. If the names are any suggestion, it’s evident that this collection has the potential to be a spring-to-summer staple. With colors like orange, berry, rose, and even brown, there’s bound to be a blush for everyone.


Cheeks Outseems to already be the face collection of 2020 so far, as cream products in general always come into fashion in the warmer months. Considering the heat and humidity spring and summer bring, makeup users around the world tend to ditch the powders and liquids for more natural and breathable products. Not to mention, one of make-ups most recent trends is the over-blushing trend, where blush is no longer just for cheeks, but for the temples, cupids bow, and tip of the nose, too! This brings a youthful and charming look to the face.


This release is perfectly timed, as Earth Day, April 22ndwill follow suit. Fenty Beauty is one of the leading beauty companies in sustainability and ethicality, as it is 100% cruelty free and has been a major part of the minimalist packaging movement. Excessive packaging for products is not often discussed, as it is washed out by discussions on fast fashion and harmful ingredients. Fenty Beauty, however, is making sure to put this silent-killer on blast!


You can check out the Cheeks Out Collection on fentybeauty.com.

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