By Ashanty Rivera

We have discussed virtual stylists in the past, but now we have a first-hand look into the life of
an Instagram virtual stylist. We interviewed Jala, also known as @styledbyjala on Instagram on
some of the things that made her venture into virtual styling if she gets paid for it, if she majors
in fashion, and more.

What made you get into virtual styling?
I wanted to start virtual styling after I saw other creators styling online back in 2016. I was
inspired by their creativeness and I wanted to try it out as well.

Is this now the main form of income for you or is it something you get paid for
I get paid occasionally for styling but maybe one day I can make it a full-time job.

Are you currently in school for fashion or do you major in something completely different?
I am actually not in college yet, but I plan on majoring in fashion when I do go to college.

Finally, would you say that virtual styling is more of a hobby, or do you want to venture
into styling full-time?
I think it is definitely both, but more of a hobby at the moment. However, I would love to pursue
virtual styling full-time!