Louisette Makiessi

Users on TikTok may call it “homeless core”, but fashion enthusiasts see it as innovative and an updated take of the 2010s trend.

Tiktok users have lost their marbles after seeing TikTok user @n0rab0ra viral videos of her outfits of the day in New York, which users found her style unusual. The looks consist of 80s grunge-inspired garments such as fringes, cut-outs, rips, and straps. @n0rab0ra claims her style is inspired by subversive and archive fashion on Pinterest

Subversive fashion is sustainable in a way and offers you a way to upcycle your clothes. It may inspire you to slit and cut in your clothing and shift symmetry. Subversive basics items are made out of mesh and tights which, is influenced by lingerie styles. Subversive fashion interlinks with Spring/Summer 2022 trends on the runway. S/S22 trends have been embracing and emphasising the female body in a subtle and alluring way.

We’ve seen fashion brands use Subversive trends as their main image. Mugler has come to be known for spectacular runways shows and garments. His style is heavily focused on sexual fetishism. Mugler is famously recognized for the use of sheer fabrics to contour the body, through careful positive and negative space, and his graphic lines and cut-outs.

Fashion brand “Nensidojaka” is known for her lingerie-inspired dresses and cutout pieces that reference ’90s aesthetics. Celebrities are seen wearing their garments such as Dua Lipa and Zendaya.

Celebrities have participated in the subversive trend. Recently, Kendall Jenner wore a Mônot black geometric cut-out dress at Laura Perez’s wedding after-party. Zendaya wore a Nensidojaka sheer cut-out dress during her stay in London for the Dune movie premiere.

The subversive basics trend on TikTok is a modernised take 2010s DIY where everyone was cutting up shirts to turn them into fringes and scarves.

We’ll see how subversive fashion will carry on till next year.