Miami Swimwear Fashion Week by Planet Fashion was a huge success this past weekend, but Sustainability is a big part of the Planet Fashion ethos. Planet Fashion has produced Sustainable New York Fashion Week for the last several years and wanted to bring sustainability to Swim Week.
Friday July 9th 2021 Planet Fashion produced the Sustainable Swimwear Show at the Plymouth Hotel.
The show consisted of capsule collections from three sustainable brands from California.

Seekers of Sunshine by Danielle Yoder

is a brand that has shown with Planet Fashion for the last three years. The designer Danielle is a dedicated environmental activist. Her company leads beach cleanups across the country and she solidly practices ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Originally launched in Hawaii, the brand still has a Hawaiian flair in some of the textile pattern choices. Elite Miami model Gigi Pena was a standout in the show.

Rys Swimwear

from San Diego followed. The brand was created by Mariah Chastaine. The name Rys was taken from her nickname
“Ry”. This was her debut showing of the line. She wanted to create a line that showcases San Diego life but also reduces her carbon footprint, all of her swimwear is eco-friendly.

Beau Swimwear by Samantha Jones

is a california brand that does men’s and women’s  swimwear. She created the line with the purpose of making bikinis that are ethically made, and  sustainability is a main part of her focus. A portion of our products are made of completely recycled materials. The designer walked in one of her own bikinis at the end of the show! Who better to show off the line than the designer herself, Samantha Jones!