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Cultural appropriation or celebration of culture

I'm sick of people complaining about cultural appropriation, it's lame. So basically the theory goes, if anyone wears a hairstyle or references any culture or anything in any type of design it's unethical theft and should never be done. As a counter argument, what if it shines a light on said culture and is actually

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Beyonce and Ivy Park Announce ‘Drip’ in October

Beyoncé’s collaboration with Adidas continues. It was announced coyly on Instagram with the captioned: “DRIP 2 October 30.”   View this post on Instagram DRIP 2 October 30 A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Oct 19, 2020 at 8:02am PDT Beyonce has a lot going on this fall. October 30th there will be a shoe

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Queen B Announces New album!

This upcoming visual album release will follow up Beyoncé’s “Black Parade,” her latest single that was released on Juneteenth. The singer has long a history of producing full-on visual productions in tandem with her albums, including 2013’s Beyoncé and 2016’s Lemonade. The visual album title “Black is King” the record will be available on

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