By Alexandra Lekas

Telfar, the unisex apparel label founded by designer Telfar Clemens, announced an upcoming product drop via a cryptic press release on Wednesday. The brand explained they would be revealing a secret four-piece collaboration on Friday, with a partner they did not name.
The press release stated: “For years, people have asked when we would finally be making a ____. Even though they love our shopping bags, they want to know if there’ll be a __ for __ that they can wear for __ or even just to __. Well the wait is over.” Their social medias also provided a link to lock in a “blind pre-order”. While this term typically means a product you can pre-order without knowing the price, Telfar decided to do this the other way around: consumers can see the price, but not what they are buying.
The press release goes on to say: “These bags are so hot they will sell out in seconds – so for our real fam — we will be offering a limited blind preorder of all four bags starting March 25 — prior to releasing any images of the bags. Telfar is the first company ever to offer a faith-based blind preorder — because by the time you see this bag — it’s already too late.”

The medium and large bags will drop March 31, the smaller-sized bag on April 4, and the brand new bag on April 8. Their popular “Shopping Bags” handbags start at $150, and the largest ones cost $257, so buyers can expect these prices to be similar.
Considering the brand’s most recent collaborations with Ugg, Converse, and Moose Knuckles, we can expect the secret collaboration to be with a just as widely-loved and trustworthy brand.