By Cordejha Lewis

The Fabricant, a digital fashion house, partnered with Adidas and supermodel Karli Kloss to
host a digital fashion competition. The competition challenged creators to design their very own
3D versions of the Wind.RDY Parka Jacket, from the Adidas X Karlie Kloss collection. Anyone
and everyone was encouraged to join the competition, but only 20 applicants were selected.
Those applicants who were chosen, had their designs auctioned on the Blockchain as a NFT.
50% of the proceeds went to the 20 winners, while the remaining 50% was donated to non-profit
organization, Kode With Klossy. The competition served as a turning point for content creators
and their ability to influence the verse by crafting their own spectacular iterations of their
favorite pieces. The winners had their designs featured as a part of the final digital exhibit for the
Adidas X Karli collection. The 20 winners also received a profile on KnownOrigin-a crypto art
marketplace. Those who participated were #makingstrides fabulously through the verse.

The Fabricant has made a commitment to ensuring that rising talent could participate in the
metaverse. Accessibility and visibility is the fashion houses main goal for all participants. The
Fabricants website posted, “As a part of The Fabricant’s ongoing commitment to grow talent in
the digital creator community, we offered a series of free twitch webinars open to anyone who
wished to participate.” The twitch webinar offered a lot of step-by-step on how to add your own
avatar and how to upload artwork onto the Blockchain. Groundbreaking and conscious of others,
this competition highlighted the growing need for accessibility and diversity within the
metaverse. Recently, The Fabricant has raised $14 million dollars to create “the wardrobe of the
metaverse.” It seems likely that they will have a lot of up and coming designers working with the
company on the endeavor. So grab your laptops and stay tuned for this company’s innovative
direction into the verse.