By Ashanty Rivera

Summer has been among us for quite sometime. When we think of summer fashion we think of
cute flowy dresses, biker shorts, breathable tops, sandals, and bathing suits of course! But lately
there has been another article of clothing that has regained its title as a summer staple since the
early 2000’s. Jorts, aka shorts that are long enough to be called jeans, were everywhere in the
early 2000’s. Celebrities such as Jay- Z, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, and many more have
sported the trend in the past, and now celebrities like Bella Hadid have been wearing them and
making them trendy all over again. They have also been on the runway in shows like Ksenia
Schnaider Spring 2022, and Gucci Resort 2023.

Styling jorts can be super simple, but if you do not know where to start, we’re here to help! First
off, if you are going to go with a more baggy fitting pair of jorts, than you should probably
consider following the “small shirt, big pant” rule and go for a form-fitting crop top. If they are a
little more on the tighter side, than you should either wear a basic muscle-style top that is a little
on the looser side, or a cute cropped baggy tee. Depending on if you are more of a streetwear
type of person, or into western-style, jorts are universally trendy, and the perfect thing to add to
you’re summer wardrobe. There is probably an old pair of jeans that you have not worn since last
year that you could just cut into jorts, so just do it!