The most iconic Carrie Bradshaw tutu cost 5 dollars: here is how to celebrate Sex and the City turning 25 in style

By Zsófia Benyi

From a column in the New York Observer to Candace Bushnell being described as the “Sharon Stone of journalism” by the Times to her fashion-obsessed, Vogue-fed, shoe-hoarder alter ego exploding onto the screens in 1998, Sex and the City, just like that, celebrates its 25th anniversary! Some hastily run to revisit the first-rate fashion served, and others reminisce about the wisdom spoken by four women who conquered not only the streets of the city but the whole world. As for me, I feel a poignant push to level up my fashion, to celebrate in style for the special occasion: here are the words best said by the iconic quartette and the options you have to revamp your closet.

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The show came as pre-fourth wave feminism with the women representing the issue, we all want to wangle: dating, work, independence, money, having it all. “Listen to me. The right guy is an illusion. Start living your lives.” Thanks to Samantha, already in season one, we got a breather and some classic wisdom to live by: “I love you, but I love me more.” So, maybe recent celebrity street style and your busy calendar made you want to invest in a classic capsule wardrobe: forever lasting, timeless, one-time-investment, minimal daily effort. Well, Sex and the City will say no: with newspaper-print dresses, tees paired with a purple ball skirt (the holy grail of the high-low), graphics and polka dots, and spiked mini dress (say no less), why go for the same minimal look when you can go out of town (or the city) instead? The way to look like a new character (in case you cannot decide your fav from the series) while always ruling the streets with a happy bank account? Thrift or use what you have creatively, and do not overthink it because “They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” (From Carrie Bradshaw, who holds up space in pop culture like no other). And, after all, even the most famous ballet tutu burning in our memories from the opening scene cost only $5 in a bargain bin.

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