Ye’s newest sunglasses have the rapper and designer’s daughter’s seal of approval. “I put these glasses on Chicago last night and she was like, ‘These are my glasses now’; she didn’t want to take them off,” says Ye, speaking over the phone. It seems to mean a lot to him that she appreciates the YZY SHDZ. “She was able to throw the shades in the air and they fell on the ground, and I wasn’t running like, ‘You’re going to break the prototype!’”

The style has been making the rounds on social media—and were notably worn by Kim Kardashian and North West. Ye designed them with creative involvement from Balenciaga’s similarly mononymous designer Demna. “Both Virgil [Abloh] and Demna worked on Yeezy season one, and now with losing Virgil, I wasn’t able to work with him when he was at Louis Vuitton, so that’s why I think it’s so important that me and Demna still get to work together,” he says. “We collectively present new ideas for our species, you know?”

That new idea was realized in campaign photos by frequent Ye collaborator Nick Knight. Here, Candice Swanepoel is pictured with a bald head wearing the silver shades, connected in the back by a cord, and nothing else. Ye and Swanepoel recently flew to London to shoot with Knight (the bald head is actually Knight’s, not Swanepoel’s—his head was photoshopped).