By Ashanty Rivera

Even though it is still August, and the summer season is still going strong, fall is rapidly
approaching, and we fashion lovers are already stacking up our coins to start making those
essential fall fashion purchases. Here is our list of the top fall trends you should start shopping
for ASAP, and of course, how they can be styled. The first trend we have to mention is chunky,
gaudy jewelry- specifically silver jewelry. Think Kim K and maybe a bit of your grandma in the
70s’. This type of jewelry will be super easy to get your hands on, especially if you thrift the
pieces. If you did not already know, preppy style is still trending for this fall season, but we are
definitely seeing more businesswear-esque styles rather than straight-up plaid everything. Midi
skirts, matching suit sets, ties, knee-high socks, and much more.

As far as footwear, riding boots and stacked/ruched knee-high boots are trending for this fall
season, as well as chunky loafers and ballet flats. Some of you might already have these shoes in
your wardrobe from last fall since a lot of trends from last fall are still going strong. I think the
biggest trend that you should start shopping for is, your personal style. This year, fashion has
really gotten to a point where anything is trendy. So honestly, this fall, shopping for whatever fits
your personal style is going to be trendy, so go crazy!