By Cordejha Lewis

Tiffany & Co has just emerged into the metaverse with the acquisition of the Okapi NFT From
Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory. The announcement was made a few months ago. The luxury jewelry
giant paid 115 Etheruem, approximately $380,000 USD for the completed rocket. This was Tom
Sachs’ most expensive sale to date, with an average sale price of a little over 4 Ethereum
($13,400). The coolest part of this collaboration is what the buyer receives! As the name
suggests, the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory NFT collection allows its buyers to assemble rockets
with component NFTs. These NFTs come in three parts that when combined forms a complete
rocket. These parts consist of the head, the runk, and the tail. The complete rockets are extremely
rare with an upper limit of the complete number of completed rockets at 1000 with a price of
2.33 ETH.

Along with collecting all of the parts of the NFT to make the rocket, buyers can also expect to
see that rocket in action-a real one that is. Those who formed all three parts and completed their
rocket were rewarded with an actual rocket launch. This aims to bridge the gap between the
physical and digital world for each complete rocket. The team builds the rocket (after a complete
formation) and launches it into the sky, while documenting the launch video. The owner of the
NFT is then able to view the footage of the launch of the actual rocket. The luxury jewelry brand
has expressed that they are excited to continue on the venture with artist Tom Sachs, although the
brand has not yet stated what that will look like. What are your thoughts on this collaboration?
What do you think future NFT projects will look like for the luxury brand?