Fashion photographers arguably make the rules of fashion. They create the images that represent are notions of what fashion is? Fashion photography has its own set of rules. The best fashion photographers change the way perceive beauty and tell stories in a single frame.


At Planet FAshion we loooooove looking for cool photographers.

Here’s our list of some of the tops in the industry today.

1) Andrea Klarin – based Paris, born in Yugoslavia, she’s a photographer for Valentino and Guerlain labels.

Photos by Andrea Klarin

Andrea Klarin andreaklarin1


2) Annie Leibovitz – based in New York, born in Connecticut, she is possibly the biggest celebrity photographer of all time. She’s worked for Rolling Stone and then the Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

Photos by Annie Leibovitz

Jonny depp Angelina

3) Ian Abela – based in Paris, he photographs some of the best commercial campaigns in the world.

Photos by Ian Abela

Ian Abela Ian Abel2 Ian abela3

4) Juergen Teller – based in London and born in Germany, he another celebrity favorite. This provocative photographer works with the best designers in the world.

More No.2, Connecticut, USA 2000

More No.2, Connecticut, USA 2000




5) Yanick Dery – based in Montreal. His photo brings a story and stuns you into silence. His works is described as digital art.

Photos by Yanick Dery

Yanik Dery Yanik Dery2 Yanick dery

5 Super Cool Fashion Photographers