Enough is enough. We get it; we messed up, and this is partly our fault. We should have never told you it was cool to wear crocs to lunch, or pressured you to experiment with a new hairstyle. That’s our bad. But please, for the love of everything holy, will you give it a rest? You’re only embarrassing yourself.


Remember when everyone tried to convince you how awesome these were? I mean, have you ever tried them on? So you finally caved when you saw that cute orange pair with a green strap, only to find out we’ve all moved on; and we’re sick of staring at your disgusting sweaty feet.


Photo Credit: Xyleth

Fake Tan: 

I understand you want to “look good” by maintaining a “healthy” looking glow all throughout the winter, and appreciate your enthusiasm, but take it easy will ya? It’s been cloudy for 2 weeks straight, yet you look like a friggin’ pumpkin. Get it together already.


Fashion Blogger Pose:

Could you be anymore obnoxious? Here’s the thing: we know that nobody actually stands like that. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. There is really nothing more pathetic than someone trying so hard to be cool. Just stop it. You look ridiculous.


French Manicure:

Ladies, I’ll let you in on a little secret: we don’t actually care what your nails look like. If we do happen to notice, it’s probably not a good sign. As for other girls, they hate your nails no matter how nice they are. If you did this just to get our attention, we’re sorry; we’ll try and do better.



No, you do not look like Pocahontas. Why would you spend 2 hours on your hair just to end up wrapping a rubber band around your head? On second thought, we don’t care. We know you are just trying to look cute. Like, really trying. We appreciate your effort, but don’t bother asking us how you look.


Schizophrenic Shave:

Woooah there, what happened to you? Oh, you arbitrarily shaved the entire left side of your head? That’s… something. I guess it shows “you don’t care what you look like,” which is cool, except we know you actually do care. Like, a lot. Do I like it? How dare you put me on the spot!


Tattooed eyebrows:

I mean, really? You party so damn much that you cannot be bothered to put on makeup anymore? Fine, whatever. But for the record, you look like my 8-year old niece when she used magic markers to apply eyeliner, the only difference being she was smart enough to not use permanent marker.