Stacey Chung brought her Veerah vegan shoe brand to Sustainable fashion Day at New York Fashion Week.

This past fashion week season, the first ever Sustainable Fashion Day was launched during New York Fashion Week at Ideal Glass Studios in the East Village. The event was produced Celia Evans Polhemus, fashion media and events producer for Planet Fashion.

The goal of the event was to address human impact on the environment though fashion, and to show what’s new in terms of fashion production and manufacturing.

One of the highlights of the evening was a panel discussion with Stacey Chung the CEO and designer for Veerah Shoes, an incredible vegan shoe brand that recently launched in NYC. Made of Apple leather, the brand succeeds at achieving a high fashion aesthetic. After working at Coach for years Chung set out to design a shoe brand that fit with her environmental ideology.  Aside from its all-natural textiles, Veerah shoes are sustainable because each shoe comes with attachable accessories, so that effectively one shoe can be transitioned into several styles. Stacey’s theory is that instead of wastefully buying 5 shoes, why not by one with 5 various attachable accessories. Chung is a charming and determined fashionista that aims to change the world of shoes for the better.


Veerah Vegan Shoes by Stacey Chung

Stacey Chung at Sustainable Fashion Day