Does it seem like some people have it all? They can just think a thought and manifest amazing things rapidly. Want to know the secret steps? Read on to bypass the crowd and step directly into activating your true power. Head to the front of the line for all levels of success.

2020 was challenging, yes. But 2021 is certainly the year to be abundant, find love, make money and be bold. This is entirely possible when we are in complete alignment in our energies, mindset and power. When we get to that place of real authenticity, the Universe will move us in a forward momentum naturally and effortlessly. It should feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders because it allows us to be in a permanent state of peace, happiness and abundance. True energy is knowing that the Universe will show you the next steps, trusting each moment to unfold like a flower.

Here is how you can skip the wait line when it comes to success. The Activate Your Power protocol developed by Kristen Schwachter (link: and Sonya Lee (link: consists of four steps:

1. Reset your brain to create feel-good emotions. When you neutralize the negative emotions or patterns, you will feel lighter and more connected to yourself and others.

2. Clear your chakras to create energetic ease and flow. Blocked chakras are much like speed bumps on your path to success. As you clear them, you can move into your most productive self.

3. Balance karmic contracts and relationships for peace of mind. Stressful relationships create interference with our authenticity and stifles our personal growth. As we balance these connections, you will feel safer and calmer.

4. Supercharge your signature power. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are supercharged and everything else is filtered out.

Kristen and Sonya, who joined forces during the pandemic, developed these steps to supercharge business leaders. Kristen utilizes a gentle yet rapid neuroscience-based technique and is an expert in working with all levels of the mind to achieve massive shifts in minimal time and effort. Sonya, a Spirit Guide, Medium & Healer, believes that there are energetic forces more powerful than what the eyes can physically see. She works with clients to clear their chakras, access deeper wisdom and their Spiritual DNA. Together, they are able to magnify real transformation by uncovering resistance and invisible forces that hold people back from making authentic progress in all areas of life and business.

“Working with Kristen and Sonya supercharged my healing and allowed me to move forward faster. I felt the shifts immediately which allowed me to create space for authentic love and self-love,” says Dey Gonzalez, the founder of Diamond Core Fitness, Ft Lauderdale.

If you are serious about stepping into your power, this is your event. Participate in the ‘Activate Your Power’ Retreat with Transformation Coach Kristen Schwachter and Psychic Medium Healer Sonya Lee. The April 30th or May 1st event will be hosted at Diamond Core Fitness, a unique space committed to cutting-edge fitness trends that promote a safe place for everyBODY to feel welcome and just “BE”.

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