DO you want to be one of the people you meet on vacation: here are the top 10 chops of all time for the summer

By Zsófia Benyi

You know the people you meet on vacation: firing off fierce fashion looks, more authentic than ever, fresh, channeling a new, crisp glow. No jet set summer plans over the horizon? No problem. A pair of scissors, a trusted hair salon and the most iconic chops of all times (from Hollywood big screens and fashion icons alike) catalogued below will make this your most iconic summer yet, granted.

Dreaming of dancing the streets of Paris, bathing and soaking up the lights, the romance, the scent of baguettes? The most classic French Girl, Jane Birkin, offers you the look to do just that. “A timeless vibe with a cool-girl fringe,” as described by George Northwood. The first bob debuted about 100 years ago, thanks to Monsieur Antoine, who crafted the avant-garde look for Louise Brooks, resulting in a daring and dangerous style, perfect for you if you want to go out of town. The most recognizable hair of all time? The Marylin Monroe blonde done on old-roller sets remains one of the sexiest styles. The one who launched the most haircuts in the world, leaving hairdressers exhausted from cutting tens of Rachels a day, was the Friends Show superstar Jennifer Aniston.Does Sally Hershberger’s name ring a bell? The Meg Ryan Shag made her a household name, giving you the best summer wash-and-wear option. If you want to be a beach goddess and a 2000s supermodel at the same time this season, look no further than Gisele Bündchen’s beach-waved look or straight from the 2000s seaside fly back to the town in the sixties, to the flip hairstyle that matches your skirts sets and flower-power aesthetic.

Classic French Girl, Jane Birkin

Avant-garde look, Louise Brooks

The sexiest style, Marilyn Monroe

Friends Show’s superstar, Jennifer Aniston

Summer wash-and-wear, Meg Ryan Shag

Gisele Bündchen’s beach-waved look

Gisele Bündchen

Do you want to groove it like the It-Girls: the classic It Cut rocked by Gwyneth Paltrow in the nineties not only got Brad Pitt hoping to copy the look but will make you love it too since the sleek slacks of short hair only require a comb and wet summer strands you can brush through. The Cut is now giving the Rhode skincare brand the only marketing it needs alongside that glazed doughnut skin since Hailey Bieber now looks like the even more elevated cool-girl with her new chop. Or for those spending summer reading, my tip, apart from joining supermodel Kaia Gerber’s book club, is to get the Cut. See, no matter the color, all you need, is a pair of scissors. Finally, because it is Barbie-core all summer, why not go Blonde? Remember Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless saying over bouncy nineties beats: So, okay, you’re probably thinking, “Is this, like a Noxzema commercial, or what?” while running her hands through her glossy, blonde, fluffy flip hair sported in brown by Cindy Crawford that made the famous “Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?” reaction one of the pop-culture books. Whatever the color, no matter the length, grab a cooler, walk down to the hairdresser and let them surprise you with a brand-new cut, so you can be cool for the summer, as Demi sings in the hit song. 

It Cut rocked by Gwyneth Paltrow

Hailey Bieber

Kaia Gerber

Barbie-core, Alicia Silverstone

Glossy, blonde, fluffy flip hair, Cindy Crawford