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It used to be that wood was only used to make furniture, wooden spoons, tree houses and things of that nature but nowadays it seems wood is making an appearance in the fashion industry and let me tell you it’s not that bad. Now, I ask you…WOOD you wear these fashionably green accessories?

Meet Shwood…this Portland based brand makes amazing wooden sunglasses by laser cutting, shaping and hand finishing each and every pair of sunglasses to insure each pair preserves its natural and unique look. To finish the look each frame gets equipped with your choice of 100% UVA/UVB protection Carl Zeiss lenses (grey, amber and mirrored), including polarized versions and for maintenance, it’s recommended you regularly apply beeswax on the frames.

You don’t have to worry about this look looking to “Caveman Era” Shwood has sunglasses in all the latest styles from the classic wayfarer to the aviator.

Their frames include, the Oswald, with a round frame and very 70’s inspired comes in Zebrawood or Walnut, the Ashland, resembling the aviator, is carved out of East Indian rosewood, which varies in tone from black to dark brown. The Govy, with a squarish almost safety glasses look in either dark rosewood or striped zebrawood, and the Canby, a chunky wayfarer in that rosewood, zebrawood, or a light blond maple.

Pretty cool, huh? Best of all these shades only cost around $100 bucks. So they’re pretty affordable for every fashionista.

You can buy your pair here: http://www.shwoodshop.com/

And if your looking for another wood accessory to finish of the look how about a new watch from WEWOOD.

Yes, they definitely would, this Italian eco-luxury and design brand is the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability. All watches are absent of artificial and toxic materials and the brand even claims each timepiece is as natural as your wrist.

The creaters are so eco- friendly that with every watch purchased, WE partners with American Forests to plant a tree somewhere in North America, which aids in preventing erosion, keeping water clean, and filtering air pollution. So, next time your friends bust out with their rolex, let them know at least your saving the world all while still looking good!

What are you waiting for go plant a tree: http://we-wood.us/

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