By Ashanty Rivera

The biggest and most important day in fashion has come and passed, and it was disappointing, to
say the least. If you did not already know, the theme for this year’s Met Gala was “In America:
An Anthology In Fashion” aka Gilded Glamour. Almost half of the guests did not understand the
assignment, and we were definitely disappointed. Without further ado, here is where we think the
2022 Met Gala went wrong. The Met Gala is one fashion event that you absolutely must take
seriously, especially if you’re a Met Gala veteran, as some of the Kardashian family members
are. Kim Kardashian wore the actual Jean-Louis dress that was designed for Marilyn Monroe to
wear at President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday party in 1962. The fact that she even wore this
historical dress was a little shocking, and to top it all off, it was not on theme. It would have been
better suited for last year’s theme because it just was not Gilded Glamour at all. Anna Wintour –
no disrespect, was also not even close to being on theme, but I guess if you’re the leader of the
pack you don’t always have to follow your own rules.
We do not want to go bashing every single look here, since there is definitely a lot more that we
could run through. Overall, the theme was not properly executed in most of the looks presented
at this year’s Met Gala. With enough time and enough preparation, these stylists and celebrities
could have done 1000% better but hey, there is always next year! What do you think the theme
of next year’s Met Gala will be?