Model Winnie Harlow has launched shoe collection with Steve Madden inspired by her Jamaican heritage

Winnie Harlow is so inspiring. She has forged her own unique path of success and just keeps going. She was born in Canada to parents of Jamaican decent. As a toddler she was diagnosed with the skin condition vitiligo, which is characterized by depigmentation. She was bullied as a child, which left her suicidal as a teen. After being discovered on America’s Next Top Model, she went on to create an impressive modeling career for herself. She has been praised globally for the same thing she was bullied for as a child, her beautiful individuality!


Now her brand continues to grow with the development of fashion and merchandising deals.


After launching an incredible fall 2019 collection, Winnie Harlow and Steve Madden are back at it for another collaboration.

Their newly launched colorful and bold shoes are a fun way to liven up your high shoe game this spring.

Being of Jamaican descent, Winnie’s goal this season was to create a warm-weather collection that truly spoke to her heritage.

“Last season, I named each style in the collection after a loved one; this spring I wanted to expand on that personal touch and tap into my Jamaican heritage”, says Harlow. “Both of my parents are from Jamaica, and I have always felt very rooted in the culture there.”

The 25-year-old is the model for the shoe line’s commercial campaign, which was shot by famed photographer Steven Klein.

The 5 silhouette collection uses bright neon colors and interesting embellishments including buckles, rope, and rhinestones.

She has named one shoe DNCEHALL. It’s a stiletto sandal with multi-color rope toe and ankle wraps. She says this one is her favorite.

“My heritage has always inspired my everyday style and even extends to my looks for red carpet events,” she shared.

Prices range from $119.95 – $141.95