By Alexandra Lekas
While previous winters have seen earmuffs and the forever-classic beanie, 2021 is facing yet
another interesting and unique new trend: balaclavas.
So, what is a balaclava? Though they were once only seen during skiing, they seem to be just
about everywhere now. Balaclavas are knitted hoods that cover a majority of your face, and
have risen in style just in time for the cold winter months ahead of us. We can thank brands
such as MiuMiu and Calvin Klein, who put these knitted hoods on their runways this year, for
their return to our everyday lives.

It isn’t just the everyday citizens of fashion capitals that are taking this trend seriously– even
celebrities such as A$AP Rocky have joined in on the balaclava fun. The fashion-forward rapper
may have even played a part in it’s dramatic rise, with Depop reporting an 145% increase in
searches last month, and Klarna reporting a 498% increase in purchases of balaclavas between
September 2021 to October 2021.

As we get closer and closer towards dropping-temperatures and painful winters, looking
fashionable sometimes has to be risked for warmth. However, with this knitted hood on the rise,
it’s possible to remain stylish even in the coldest of climates. The hooded look can be styled a
variety of ways, and comes in all different patterns and colors that allow for adding a pop of
color to any outfit. Will you be sporting a balaclava this season?