By Ashanty Rivera

Valentines Day is just a couple of days away, and whether or not you have a sweetheart of you’re
own to celebrate it with, you should still want to treat yourself to a LOVEly day! This might look
different for some, but for others who love indulging in self-care, getting you’re nails just right
for V-Day might get you in the mood! If you are like me, and you hate making decisions without
some inspo first, this article will help you pick a nail design that will have you spreading all the
love this Valentine’s Day!

Hearts Galore Because . . . DUH

While you might think this is pretty basic, it is super cute and super simple and perfect to add a
little touch of the holiday to your nail look! Ok, fine it might be a little basic, but sometimes
basic is just what you need, especially if you like your nail looks to look clean, and minimalistic.

Sweet Like Candy

These Sweetheart candy-inspired nails are absolutely perfect for those who really like to get into
the V-Day holiday spirit! They are super cute and super perfect for the occasion.

Black . . . Like My Heart

These nails are definitely still as festive and V-Day approved as the other’s, except it is more on
the dark side of things! If you’re a black-wearing kind of girl but you still love Valentine’s Day,
these nails would be perfect for you! I know I will definitely be trying these out!
So there you go, some nail inspo for you’re V-Day this year! If you’re not really an acrylic nail
person, that’s totally ok! You can easily imitate some of these designs with plain old nail polish.
It will definitely save you some coin!