As Fendi demonstrated, many of the garments were reversible to double their dosage of potential therapy. And the population of patients who might benefit, she added, was purposefully broad: “To avoid that fashionista attitude, I like to consider menswear through many different men who keep their personality… I think in the future, fashion is going to be more individualistic, and I wanted to keep that idea in the show.”

That show was a purposefully-tight runway film soundtracked by samples of Fendi wondering “what is normal today” over a dynamic track by Not Waving. Apart from a set whose lighting reflected the evolving palette of the pieces, the approach was straightforward and succinct. “I want it to be energetic and not too long… we have so much information today and and I don’t think we can [ask for viewers’] concentration for too long.” said creative director describing the new normal collection from Fendi Fall/Winter 21.

Check out some of the best looks from the show bellow.