By Alexandra Lekas


For many decades, the term ‘workwear’ stood for a very standard, simple look that fit any and all dresscodes. But after being away from the office for so long due to COVID-19, and having the chance to explore individuality through clothing, the steady return back to work has the opportunity to look more fashionable than ever before. Especially with these five items, you are sure to be the fashionista of the office this fall!

  1. Plaid Blazer

Adding some pattern to your everyday blazer is definitely a way to stand out at the office. Such a small detail can really turn your outfit around and create a much more chic look.

2) Wide-Leg Trousers

The simple trouser is certainly a part of the standard office look, but why not add more width to it for a more comfortable and stylish twist?

3) Loafers

Looking for a more enjoyable alternative to heels? Loafers are any office worker’s new best friend this fall. You can even dress them down for your days off!

4) Knit Dresses

If you think dresses should be reserved for summer, you are sadly mistaken. A knit dress is not only perfect for fall, but perfect for the office too!

5) Chubby Hoops

Hoop earrings were deemed unprofessional for quite some time, but there are ways to

make it a more office-appropriate accessory. A small, chubby gold hoop is the perfect

addition to your workwear!