If you’ve been on TikTok for any amount of time recently, you’ll have noticed trends going in and out at the speed of light. People on the app have been responsible for creating microtrends and niche style subgenres, such as the coconut girl aesthetic, partially credited for making crochet fashion make a comeback.

Recently though, there have been some trends that have been decided to have staying power. Here are a few of them:

Elevated Basics- items like solid color tanks and tees have been revitalized with abstract cutouts and interesting straps, lending to a more high-fashion look without looking too busy.

Cowboy boots- Spotted all over the streets of NYC and their subsequent TikToks, these cute boots have grown a penchant for street style. Evolving beyond the basic cowboy style (or embracing it!)These shoes can be styled in a variety of ways.

90’s-style sunglasses- Your fave celebs and influencers have been spotted in all sorts of funky and retro shades, but most notably styles popular in the 90’s. They just seem to take outfits (and selfies) to the next level.

Retro Prints- the 60’s and 70’s have made a comeback of their own in the form of funky prints. On mini dresses, bell-bottom pants, or crop tops, bright colors in any form are embraced. While the patterns and prints may have originated in the 60’s this seems to be a uniquely 90’s take in the 2020’s.

Bold colors- It seems we are all trying to re-enter the world with a bang! Bright and bold is hot now, and the streets seem to reflect all shades of the rainbow. We’ve been seeing lots of people on TikTok strutting in colorful outfits, but also down the runways of Prada and Versace.