By: Cordejha Lewis

Adidas Original and Prada have joined forces to launch their new metaverse collaboration. This
collaboration marks the third for Adidas and Prada as well as their first as a duo in the metaverse.
It marks a turning point for these luxury brand giants, featuring an interactive platform with
user-generated and creator-owned art. The collaboration was heavily influenced by their physical
Re-Nylon collection.The creators who wanted to join in on the new concept will be joining a
waitlist with only 3000 spots available! Of those 3000 who will be selected, 1000 spots were
reserved for holders of the Originals’ Genesis NFT drop. Another 500 were reserved for users
who attempted to mint a piece from the drop but failed. Participants who were selected were
rewarded for their creations with a share of the final artwork auction sale. Digital Artist Zach
Liebman joined the powerhouses to design each co-creators individual tiles in the community
based digital artwork Re-Source.
Adidas Tweeted on Twitter, “ Introducing adidas for @Prada re-source-an ambitious
first-of-its-kind NFT project featuring user-generated and creator-owned art, in collaboration
with digital artist @zachliebman.” Anyone can register and submit their very own unique
photograph to the metaverse NFT project. 3,000 of those images will be selected and minted as
NFTs! Anyone selected can still retain ownership of their individual tiles and can also sell their
NFT on any secondary market. All 3,000 images selected will then be knit together into one
large-scale NFT project, brought together by Liebman. Prada and Adidas will also bring the
large-scale NFT to auction on SuperRare, an online marketplace for curated NFT Artworks. A
majority of the profits will be donated to Slow Factory, a non profit organization with a mission
to help marginalized peoples become climate leaders. As of 24 January, anyone can register for a
digital wallet for the chance to create their own NFT for a possible inclusion into the project! So
if you’re like me and a huge Prada and Adidas fan, head over to the site and enter to craft your
own NFT!