By Alexandra Lekas
Adidas will host a one-day sustainable pop-up shop in New York City on Saturday, Dec. 11.
The pop-up shop will be part of Adidas’ Choose to Give Back resale program. Guests will be
able to exchange their old clothing for one-of-a-kind, vintage and upcycled pieces from
designers such as Theophilio, Ji Won Cho, Basketcase Gallery, Eva Joan Repair, Frankie
Collective, Beepy Bella and Tyranny and Mutation. “Sustainability is instrumental in how we
produce our pieces, so we are thrilled to be developing a bespoke collection made entirely of
upcycled product from a brand that shares in our values,” said Theophilio designer, Edvin
“Clothing waste is a mounting problem, but facing it head-on and shifting toward a circular future
will be our solution,” said Katja Schreiber, Adidas’ senior vice president of sustainability. “At
Adidas, we see it as our responsibility to bring our consumers along on the journey and create
awareness of how purchase choices — from opting for an upcycled shoe to donating end-of-life
clothing — can make a huge impact. We’re excited to bring this activation to life to show
consumers that there can be a different, more sustainable model for fashion.”

All garments at the pop-up will be available for purchase by weight in used goods, instead of
dollars. Guests cannot exchange for more than two items and will be capped at a maximum of
10 pounds of used gear. All items are first-come, first-serve. Pricing will be determined by item
type and availability. However, a dollar value for any items not redeemed at the pop-up will be
credited to guests via the Adidas Creator’s Club app, which will be redeemable at their New
York City Fifth Avenue location.
Check out the pop-up shop on Saturday, December 11 at 61 Crosby Street, NYC, from 12:00
p.m. – 7:00 p.m. EST.