By Ashanty Rivera

It’s about that time of year again ladies and gents. Yup, you guessed it- it’s almost time for the Met Gala! As for all of us who will not be attending, we can still exhibit- like that one girl on TikTok says, “Met Gala behavior”. This year’s Met Gala has me all the way excited, not just for the theme, but because of the 4 co-chairs that have been selected. First we have iconic actress Regina King, who is known for her roles in Friday, Poetic Justice, & many more. The Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds- who is in just about every comedy you can name, will also be co-chairing, as well as Hamilton, & In the Heights creator Lin- Manuel Miranda.

Now if you do not know the theme already- you have come to the right place. The theme of this years Met Gala is “Gilded Glamour”. A lot of you might not know what, or why that is. The theme pays homage to the Gilded Age in history, an era that is known for for major industrialization, and dramatic fashion- which will be interesting for the Met Gala! Last years Met Gala was delayed because of COVID-19, pushing it all the way to September. Most people were disappointed by the theme, and some of the looks that were pulled together, so hopefully this year the Met Gala does not disappoint!