Escapism and fantasy are also, incidentally, some of Sui’s strongest suits. Her career is built on the ability to translate that visceral sensation wanting—needing, even!—to dress up as whimsically and carefree as the best on-screen muses, the coolest rockstar babes, and the most famed artists and models into clothing available for us mere mortals. For fall 2021, she has mashed up Birkin’s eclectic style in the film with her own late ’60s references of concert posters and the psychedelic style of The Beatles’s Apple Boutique. (The Fool, a Dutch collective that ran the Apple Boutique, costumed Wonderwall.) Set into five distinct moods, the collection brings together many of Sui’s signatures, like chiffon tea dresses, thick black lace trimming, faux-fur leopard coats, and imaginative floral prints, with a freewheeling, magpie sensibility.