By Ashanty Rivera

We all have that one trend that creeps up in our minds every now and then. This trend might be
something we have secretly always loved, or secretly hate and wish that it never existed. For me,
that trend was sock boots. I thought that they were super unattractive and way too overrated to
even be manufactured by so many brands. I have mentioned this before but I am not one to jump
on every single trend just because it is popular or because I see a lot of people wearing it. It takes
many trials and a lot of decision-making for me to even say a trend is wearable, for me anyway.
A little over a week ago, a pin of Kim Kardashian wearing sock booties came up on my Pinterest
feed. I saved it immediately without even noticing that she had on sock booties. I looked at it
again and said, “those actually look good”. So I decided I should give the shoe a try.

However, I ultimately did what all of us do and asked myself “is this still even trendy?”. So I
looked at different pictures of people styling the shoe recently and went from there. Now I am
not saying that you should think about if something is trendy before you buy it, but, if you do not
feel like it is in style for YOUR style, do not buy into it. If you buy something that you think is
trendy but you are still not 100% sure will suit you and your personal style then it would be a
pointless purchase. With all this in mind, I decided not to buy a pair now, but, if I feel like I want
to add them to my closet in the future if I feel like I will wear them and appreciate them, then one
day I will definitely make that purchase!