New-age technology with old-school style


These days we ask a lot out of our scientific community, perhaps too much. We’ve become spoiled by the avalanche of advanced gadgetry strewn at our feet. Smartphones? Yawn. Been there, done that. A futuristic touch-screen computer tablet? B-o-o-o-ring. We are not impressed. We need a little more… pizzazz.

How about an mp3 music player that looks like a retro-record player? Ok, now we’re listening.

That’s right, we want to have our cake and it eat too, but we want it to look like a cupcake, and we want it delivered, and also in the shape of R2D2; is that really too much to ask?

Smarty-pant engineers don’t think so. In fact, they’re totally catering to our requests with ingeniously creative technology that doubles are retro art, satisfying the nostalgic urges of a generation that never really wanted to grow up in the first place.

Cellphones that look Super Nintendo. Tablets that look like our favorite kid-toys. This is the type of technology we have come to expect; Frankenstein phones that talk to us why we play Candy Crush with a videogame joystick. Are we not entertained?

retro2 retro1