bulgari villa bali

Bali, also called the island of Gods, is known for its exotic beauty and natural wonder. The azure water of the sea and the lush green surroundings leave everybody mesmerized in Bali. The place is a popular tourist attraction, and there are plenty of accommodations in Bali to choose from. There are hotels, resorts, boutique hotels and rental apartments to choose from. However, there is one type of accommodation in Bali which stands out from the rest, and that’s a Bali Villa.

Villas in Bali started coming up in the late 1980s, with an Australian architect constructing the first of the lot. And from then on, it sparked off a trend, and today, there are plenty of Bali villas to choose from.

For those who have experienced them know what makes them special, but for the first timers, it’s difficult to comprehend why a villa in Bali is better than any other luxury hotel in the place. Well, the reasons are aplenty, but here are a few vital ones:

A Bali Villa costs much less than a luxury hotel. A typical luxury hotel in Bali costs anywhere between USD 180 to USD 800 per night. The cost of staying at a villa here is much less, and it comes without any compromises. A typical villa here comes with a lush green terrace, personal butlers and drivers, spa therapists and a private swimming pool.

Unlike a hotel, a Bali villa does not distance you from the traditions and cultures of the place. Every reflect the culture and traditions of the place. Thus, during your stay here, you get to experience the Balinese way of life in its full splendor.

A luxury Bali villa does not confine you within a room with just a few amenities. A villa is spacious, with an informal environment which gives you more privacy and luxury than a hotel room.

And here’s the killer- almost all villas in Bali give personalized services to their guests. You can ask for a special dish to be prepared by your personal cook here, instruct you personal valet to fetch you some snacks or other stuff from the market, or eat your lunch, dinner and breakfast absolutely anywhere you like. No hotel can offer that kind of services to the guests.

And while at a hotel, everything extra like laundry, phone, etc. comes with an extra cost, not including the 21% Bali service tax, staying in a villa here comes much cheaper, because most of the services are included in the overall cost of the stay.

Staying in one of the villas in Bali allows you to enjoy a relaxed holiday in style. These villas offer you the best experience in Bali. This should be a good reason to stay in one of them when in Bali. There are several such villas to choose from. You will find them in different locations and different prices. You can choose one according to your need and budget as there are affordable and comfortable villas as well as expensive and luxurious Bali villas.