paris restaurant
Food in Paris is simply incredible as it is going to provide you with so many delicacies to allure your taste buds.
The city of lights have much to offer other than it’s incredible beauty.
The food lovers can find this city a great catch as the French cuisine is rich and is alluring even in it’s appearance. You just need to go around the city and you will be able to find the best restaurants in your Paris food tour that can serve you the typical French cuisine.
Here are some of the dishes that can make anyone go crazy:

Pain au Chocolat
pain au chocolat
This is a dish which has a tempting look with chocolate peeping through the sides of a roll. It is flaky and buttery croissant which is filled with dark chocolate. The taste of dark chocolate and with the crispy roll can steal away anyone’s heart. It is dish perfect for breakfast. It is good to be served with un cafe- noisette or un cafe crème. This can be a great start in your exploration of French delicacies. You may also love to taste “pain au raisin” or a “croissant”.

Croque Monsieur
croques monsieur
It is cheese and ham sandwich in grilled form usually Emmental or Gruyere. It is usually served along with poached or fried egg over it and then becomes croque Madame. It is a perfect dish that you can choose for lunch here. It is rich, filling and yummy and the best one for a simple lunch.

Salade Nicoise
This is a dish that is different from the one that you get in United States. This typical French salad has tuna anchovies, black olives, sliced potatoes, boiled eggs, tomato wedges and green beans. The salad is dressed using vinaigrette. It is a really a rich salad which may take you quite a longer time to finish it. The taste of it is really so incredible that you always want to try this salad when you visit the place. It has quite a different flavor compared with the salads available in other places.

It is really an incredible food which can be available in very cheap price. You can even get this dish in restaurants. The dish is available in two different flavours that is either sweet or savery. It is basically a buckwheat galette which is filled with cheese and ham. It can be also available with bananas or nutella filling. This pancake is also available with the filling of sugar and butter in it. It is much thin and really delicious and rich.

Another typical French dish that you can find during your Paris trip. This is a very simple but yummy dish in which tender snails are cooked in parsley, garlic and butter. It is served in the shells of snail and you won’t feel like leaving even a bit of this sauce. It tastes really amazing.

Steak Frites
Beef and French fries form an incredible combination. You may be able to find that French do not like their meat to be cooked so well. It is always available in half cooked form.