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Whether you want to lose weight or boost your performance, it’s time to get the download on what’s going to help you reach your goal.
To help you, we’ve rounded up the top 10 iPhone and Android apps that offer support, motivation and challenges.
Start installing your iPhone apps now and see results.

Don’t be fooled by the pluses, they’re really a sign telling you how useful this app is. The Pedometer++ helps you track your movement showing you things like how many steps you’ve taken for the whole day – including those not within your exercise routine.

Nike+ Move
Well, Nike has been an icon for sports shoes and this apps does not disappoint as well. A much-hyped app utilizing Apple’s novel M7 coprocessor, this app tracks not only your walks but also gets a breakdown of your running, sitting etc. And the best thing’s this one comes free.

moves app
Don’t bother complaining. Yes, this one may not have gone to market in 2013 but way earlier but this one made so much fuss during that year that we’ve come to include it anyway. What makes this app special is even for people who may not be using the latest iOS device or android for that matter, you may still be able to track your movement (e.g., running, jogging). Just pitch in some dollars.

Argus takes the tracking a notch higher by utilizing motion detection technology – most especially applicable for the iPhone 5s and higher versions of Android. So you keep track of your food intake, water consumption and more.

UniqueTrainer app
This is one app that’s going to give you your very own personal trainer – minus the talking part of course. The app is going to track your workout sessions real time making it possible to tailor your sessions to your routine daily.

7-Minute Workout (High Intensity Training)
7minworkout app
Now with this app, you can make the most of the much-ballyhooed “Scientific 7-Minute Workout”. And even better. You get a workout that’s best suited for your body type. Completely safe and effective.

Performance Stretching
Performance Stretchi
Give your stretching a needed lift and put your routine in order. Performance Stretching features 150 different dynamic stretches, all within your immediate reach.

relaxia app
Now, here’s a way for you to get that needed relaxing moment right. With Relaxia, you can give needed regrouping for your body and mental health by taking a 15-minute break with the best background music you can find.

Fit Star: Tony Gonzalez
FitStar-Tony-Gonzalez app
Now there’s no reason putting that exercise routine on hold, with a football star as your trainer. Truly, it’s a dream come true. Of course, this one may come a price.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs
runtastic-six-pack-abs app
Ok. Here’s a wish come true. No more crying about your abs, one of the most complained about part of the body. Runtastic gives you just the perfect workout you need.