By: Cordejha Lewis

2021 marked a groundbreaking collaboration between luxury fashion brand Burberry and
tabletop game publisher Mythical Games. Burberry announced its collaboration with the gaming
platform to launch a non-fungible token collection in their flagship title, Blankos Block Party.
This partnership was a historic first for both companies that reinvented the meaning of digital
ownership in gaming. Blankos Block Party is an innovative open-world multiplayer game that
features digital vinyl toys, known as Blankos. Burberry’s limited edition Blanko is a shark named
Sharky B. Sharky B can be trained to master a whole host of abilities. NFTs are
blockchain-based tokens that represent deeds of ownership over digital items, such as images,
videos, and in-game items. Despite the fact that NFTs have been around for some time, this last
year saw an explosion of them in many different spheres. Mythical Games is no stranger to the
metaverse as they have been involved in the NFT game since 2018. The collaboration with
Burberry proved to be the NFT gaming platforms biggest emergence into the verse.Mythical
Games and Burberrys partnership marks a growing interest in players ability to garner monetary
investments while they game. Gamers and fans of Burberry are able to monetize their progress in
the game as well as redefine the ways in which they interact with brands.
Not only can users play as Sharky B, but while the collaboration continues, Burberry has
launched its own in-branded in-game accessories. These accessories include a jetpack, armbands,
and pool shoes. The famous British Luxury brand has continued to push boundaries with its
interaction with its community, through the metaverse and beyond. According to Burberry’s core
values of creativity and freedom of expression, it’s easy to see why a collaboration with Mythic
Games proved successful as these two innovative companies continue to lead the NFT journey.