For years Chanel fashion shows were huge. They were grand spectacles with hundreds of people in the vast Grand Palais. The Palais is now closed for renovations so Chanel artistic director Virginie Viard felt that the time was right for a totally different location to showcase her new Coco Neige collection. “I wanted to show in a small place, a club” She held her latest showcase in a trendy club.

The collection is mostly black and white and is a mix of urban cool and Chanel classic. Viard played with tweeds and chiffon throughout the collection. She said she was inspired by the legendary style of the late Stella Tennant, a Chanel icon for so many years, and a woman who embodied the chic of a certain school of aristocratic negligence as she would often wear bulky tweed coats, over a delicate evening dress; classy grunge.

The collection is infused with “ski spirit”: Norwegian sweaters, quilted salopettes, voluminous puff jackets, and ski pants worn with short cropped jackets that Viard has styled either with the midriff bared or with the nightclub-friendly flowered black lace camisoles, sequins. also makes its way into this fabulous collection.