Nestled atop the picturesque heights of Hyères in the South of France, the historic Villa Noailles has long been a sanctuary of modernist artistry and boundless creative expression. For over a century, this architectural gem has played host to a vibrant tapestry of visionaries, and on the occasion of the Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear show, Chanel pays homage to its enduring connection with this unique haven of creativity.

Virginie Viard, the Creative Director of Chanel, eloquently describes this collection as “an ode to freedom and movement,” a narrative that draws inspiration from the Villa Noailles’ enchanting gardens. With the Mediterranean waves just a stone’s throw away, the modernist villa, conceived by Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles and brought to life by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in 1923, basks in the radiant glow of the sun.

 Its terraced gardens, a harmonious blend of geometric design and lush foliage, provide an oasis of unbridled freedom.

The Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection is set against this backdrop of natural beauty, and it radiates light, warmth and color with an easy yet chic sensibility.

It’s a collection that exudes its unique vision of elegance and nonchalance, qualities cherished by Chanel’s artistic director.

Virginie Viard sought to merge sophistication with relaxation, combining tweed, sportswear, and lace to create a harmonious blend of opposites. The stunning backdrop of Villa Noailles, with its exceptional setting, served as the perfect canvas for this artistic endeavor.

The collection seamlessly transitions from swimsuits to sportswear, and evening dresses, all bathed in the same warm, sunny vibe.

The Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection from Chanel is a celebration of joy, sport, elegance, and carefree living. It beckons you to embrace life in the great outdoors, offering a delightful fusion of freedom and refinement. In this collection, Chanel once again proves its ability to push the boundaries of fashion while remaining steadfastly rooted in timeless elegance.